Satisfy your woman in bed and make her healthy ;)

As we previously discussed, sex is good for health, so you need to do everything in your power to make your woman satisfied. Obviously, no one expects from you to be the walking encyclopedia of sex and know everything, but it is expected from you to make your woman satisfy. You don’t need to be an editor of HTMWS some sex magazine but you can’t be ignorant as well.

In this day and age when all the information are not only widely available, but soooo easily accessible, you really don’t have any excuse not to do your due diligence and learn new skills every now and then. I like to believe that I’m good in bed, and I never stop learning new things. On contrary, I feel more obligated to learn and improve more, so I use every opportunity to learn new stuff to satisfy my partner.

If you want to learn how to make her squirt you just simply need to do your research, and once you get comfortable with your skills, go for it, and rock her world. It’s actually not that hard to satisfy a woman, you just CAN NOT be a selfish douche bag who doesn’t care about satisfy your partner in bed.

Probably the most important skill you need to learn in order to be good in bed (or anywhere else for that matter) is to learn how to read body language (70% of communication is body language). I’m not gonna go into details, do your research for that, but I’ll tell you something that is so simple that you will think I’m stupid for pointing that out, but you would be surprised how many people don’t do that, and most likely, you’re one of those people. And that is that you need to listen your partner more often. When you listen carefully and when you’re focused on what she is talking, you notice certain pattern in her body language. You notice facial expression and something what is called micro expression, and if you learn to read that, you already did 50% of the job. That is because micro expressions and body language in general is something that happens involuntary, which means if you don’t do it on purpose, you don’t stop doing that on purpose. But we went off topic now, so let’s get back to the story. When you learn your partners body language you don’t have to ask her questions every step of the way when you’re trying something new. And actually, a lot of girls don’t like to answer all those questions because they feel under the spotlight and uncomfortable. So you rather learn how she acts when she’s feeling pleasant and how when she feels unpleasant.


Earlier I mention about learning how to make your wife squirt, because that was something new for me and my girlfriend, and I really felt proud when I managed to do that, especially because she never experienced that before and she thought she can’t do it. So you kind of feel proud when you can do something like that. But squirting shouldn’t be the only thing, or the first thing you need to try, maybe you should start with learning what is a clit, or how to play with a clitoris! You know, first you crawl, then you walk, and then you run. You can’t start running fresh from the womb.

How some health problems influence your sex life

We were talking about health benefits of sex, and now it’s time to talk about health problems influencing sex life. Obliviously some health problems can influence sex life more than others, but there are different kind of influence. For example, some health issues affect sex life in the physical aspect, for example, erectile dysfunction (it. disfunzione erettile) . Some of them that don’t affect it as much physically as they do mentally, like irritable colon syndrom (it. colon irritabile). And some affect it just mentally, like stress when you feel like doing nothing, not even sex!

For different things, you use different methods, and there is never universal solution for everybody, no “one size fits all”. But no matter what your problem is, there is usually solution for everything. I had an Italian friend (hence the italian names for certain problems I mentioned, and because we have a lot of Italian readers) who had some colon problems, or should I say colon irritation problems, and she was uncomfortable to have sex with her boyfriends because she could have those problems in the middle of the action.

She asked me more than few times about those problems, and my best answer to look for medical help didn’t satisfy her because it made her uncomfortable as well. So I noticed how big of a problem is for some people to talk about stuff like that (which in fact motivated me to write about those topics). But for her the problem was that her english is not that good, and there are not that much articles and websites on other languages if you’re looking for remedy for irritable colons (it. colon irritabile rimedi) or things like that. You can find one or two (kudos for them, that’s why I mention them whenever I can) but that’s pretty much it.

So basically I concluded that more of the health problems that cause people to have less sex in relationship are not those physical problems, but mental, because if your pelvis (it. pelvi) hurt you will ask your friends or go to doctor immediately, but if you need to do for example a colon cleanse (it. pulizia del colon), you will google it more than few times before you ask someone.

But you need to build up some trust with your partner and talk about problems you might have so you can deal with it accordingly.

Health and sex correlation

It’s no secret that our health is also determined by our feel of happiness and fulfillment. Not only that, but a lot of our health problems come from feeling bad for one reason or another. You probably heard for old Latin phrase Mens sana in corpore sano, usually translated as “a sound mind in a sound body” or “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. But it also works the other way around. You need to have a healthy thoughts in order to have a healthy body.


Now when we established thoughts and health connection, we need to connect sex with better health, so I’ll just point out some facts and you can connect the dots:


-There have been many studies that support claim that good sex life lowers your blood pressure.


– The more sexual activity a person has, the fewer sick days that person takes. There was also a study that support that research, so researches at the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found out that college students who had better sex life (once or twice a week) had higher levels of the certain antibody compared to students who didn’t have as much sex.

Obviously, you can’t just have sex to be healthy, but you’ve got the point.


– You can count sex as an exercise or a workout, and we all know how important that is.


– Having more sex will increase your libido. This one is pretty much explanatory, so no need to clarify it better.


– Improves women’s bladder control – how cool is that? Incontinence is something that will affect 30% of women at some point in their life, and good way to avoid it is to “workout” pelvic floor muscle. And how you do that you might ask? Practicing a good sex, isn’t that obvious?


– All other cool stuff that we’ll be talking more about in other articles ;)